How to Submit a Payment

Submitting a payment is extremely easy!

Step 1: Login to (or Activate) your Account

If the cabin leader created a reservation and you are a part of it, an account has been created with the email address that was provided for you at booking. If this is the case, please select  ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT

Step 2: Navigate to Your Reservations

Once logged on, click on your name on the upper right hand corner and select "Your Reservations"

Step 3: Select Make Payment

Step 4: Submit your Payment

Enter all the required information and submit your required payment. If you wish to select a different payment plan than what the cabin leader selected, please contact us.

IMPORTANT: If your payments is successful and there are others in your cabin that have a balance due, the system will go back to the payment screen FOR THE NEXT GUEST'S credit card information. If you are not paying for them, you can skip this. Make sure you inform them that they have a balance due.

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