Age Requirements

To book: You must be over the age of 18, AND there must be at least ONE 21 year old PER cabin (as of the date of sailing).

Alcohol: The drinking age ON-BOARD the ship is 21 at all times (regardless of it being in “international waters”). Yes, we are aware that NCL has an underage waiver policy, but it requires your parents to be on-board the ship… see below.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line Underage Waiver Policy: Guests who are 18 – 20 years of age can purchase and consume beer or wine when the ship is in international waters (3 miles out of US territorial waters). The parent or legal guardian MUST be onboard the entire sailing with the young adult and present themselves at the Front Desk so they can sign the form allowing the consumption of beer and wine only. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY. A notarized Parent Consent Form or any other document allowing for temporary guardianship for the purposes of the sailing only WILL NOT be accepted. 
  • Drinking age ASHORE (OFF THE SHIP) in the Bahamas is 18.
  • If you turn 21 during the trip, you may order bar beverages after verifying your age, on your birthday, at the Guest Services desk with your identification.

Casino: 18 and up to gamble.
There are no age restrictions to enter the club, bars, and other venues on board the ship (18+)

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