Will my cell phone work? Is there Wi-Fi?

Cruise cabins are equipped with a telephone that offer direct dialing (ship to shore) for a charge. Internet access is available onboard via WIFI throughout the ship.

Wi-Fi Plans:

We know you want to stay connected with family and friends even while you’re disconnecting from the world. To help you stay in touch, we provide Basic Wi-Fi access for free to all CPC guests, so you can browse the web, check email, and use messaging apps to text.

Basic Wi-Fi Package (Included with your cruise):

All CPC guests will receive a 1 device Basic Wi-Fi package. With Basic Wi-Fi you can browse the web, send emails, and text family and friends via select messaging apps. It’s a great option for staying connected while you’re on vacation, but please note that features such as emailing large files, sharing photos or videos on social media, using streaming apps, or making video calls are only available with Premium Wi-Fi.

Premium Wi-Fi Package (Available for an upgrade):

Premium Wi-Fi puts internet streaming at your fingertips throughout your vacation. Message or video chat with your friends and family, browse the web, send emails even with larger files attached, and post on social media to your heart’s content. Plus, you can enjoy videos, movies, binge-worthy shows, and music on your favorite streaming apps.  

Guests that would like to upgrade their Basic Wi-Fi to Premium Wi-Fi, may do so via the Cruise Planner. The upgrade charge is $9.99 per person per day (pricing subject to change). Guests may also upgrade their Basic Wi-fi to Premium Wi-Fi once onboard the ship.

Ignite Tip: You may use the "1 device" plan on multiple devices by logging one device off and logging onto the other device (1 device may be logged on at a time).

Cell Phone:

Your cell phone may be operational while at sea. Please note that, however, international voice and data roaming charges will apply. Please contact your cell phone provider (AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, etc...) for more information and for their international/cruise roaming rates.

We highly recommend putting your phone on airplane mode and then turn Wifi on to avoid cell roaming charges. Keep in mind that if you purchase Premium Wi-Fi, you can use Facetime, What's App, Skype, Facebook, etc... for "calls". No need for cell service.

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