Will my cell phone work? Is there Wi-Fi?

Most cruise cabins are equipped with a telephone that offer direct dialing (ship to shore) for a charge. Internet access is available onboard in the Internet CafĂ© and via WIFI throughout the ship. Please note that internet access onboard is significantly slower than high-speed connections normally experienced on land, as it is transmitted via a shared-bandwidth satellite connection (see below for costs).

Ship Wifi Package Plans:
Time Package Plans:
Activation Fee $3.95, Pay as you go $0.95 per minute
Whole Cruise:
$24.99 per day for the entire cruise (must be purchased for the duration of the cruise)

Your cell phone may be operational while at sea. Please note that, however, international voice and data roaming charges will apply. Please contact your cell phone provider (AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon, etc...) for more information and for their international/cruise roaming rates. 

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