Roommate Match

Are you traveling solo and need to find a roommate? Or do you need to find an extra person to help share the costs of your cabin? We are here to help!

Although we cannot assign random roommates, we've create a Facebook group to help you meet up with other fellow solo travelers and find a room or roommate for our cruise! You can find our Facebook group here:

This group is PUBLIC - so please don't share any personal information. We suggest you friend each other and message your details offline.

IMPORTANT: You should NEVER pay anyone directly for your cruise fare (Paypal, Venmo, etc...). ALL PAYMENTS SHOULD BE PROCESSED BY IGNITE CRUISES DIRECTLY.

TRAVEL INSURANCE: To protect yourself from financial loss, we strongly recommend everyone to purchase travel insurance... ESPECIALLY if you travel with someone you don't personally know. Travel insurance will give you financial peace of mind in the event your roommate needs to cancel. Travel insurance will reimburse any cruise line cancellation penalties if cancelling for a covered reason.

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