We are part of a group, how can we get cabins next to each other?

Since cabins are assigned on a first come first served basis, this will all depend on availability. There is a "Special Requests" section (at checkout) where you can put down the names of your friends that you want to be next/close to (under Cross Reference names). You will need to book the same cabin category and occupancy in order for this to be possible. We also suggest for your group to book the cabins back to back (on the same day) to ensure that other reservations do not take the neighboring cabins.

Please note that any special requests for cabin location CAN NOT be guaranteed due to availability or promotional pricing restrictions that allow us to offer the lowest cruise prices. In these cases, you would be assigned a GTY (Guaranteed) cabin, this means that the cruise line will choose your cabin assignment (within the category you have booked or better) similarly to how a hotel assigns you a room at check-in.

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