Flights and Transfers

Flight Arrivals (Before the Cruise):

If you are booking a flight to and from Fort Lauderdale, we suggest that you consider arriving a day or two earlier so that you can take advantage of the local attractions in South Florida. This also helps to avoid potential flight cancellation or delays, baggage collection and transfer problems that could occur if you fly on the day of sailing.

If you are flying in the day of the cruise (Monday), we recommend that you book a flight that arrives at Fort Lauderdale Airport no later than 10:30am.

All passengers must be checked-in and on the ship by 2:30 PM. No exceptions will be made and there are no refunds for those that are late and miss the cruise.

Flight Departures (After the Cruise):

Return flights should be arranged to leave Fort Lauderdale or Miami after 12:00 PM. Although the ship will arrive back in Miami around 7:00 AM, the ship must be cleared by US Customs first, and the debarkation and custom’s process might take some time. The earliest you can be off the ship is around 7:00 AM. All guests must be off the ship by 9:00 AM.

Transportation from the Airport to the Cruise Port:

Please make sure you are at the port in time when arranging transportation from the airport to the cruise port.

You have several choices, please see below:

1. Taxi service (or Uber, Lyft, etc…):

  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport:
    • Approximately $20 each way (Uber/Lyft) and $25 each way (Taxi)
    • 3 miles / 10 minutes to Port Everglades depending on traffic.
  • Miami International Airport:
    • Approximately $50-$60 each way (Uber/Lyft) and $100 each way (Taxi)
    • 30 Miles / 45-60 minutes to Port Everglades depending on traffic.

We recommend a Taxi, Uber or Lyft as these are the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient transportation options to get to the port. Shuttles are usually more expensive if traveling with friends (priced per person) and slower as you have to make several stops at the different terminals.

2. Shuttle Service Companies:

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