Parking at the Port of Miami

Are you planning on driving down to Miami? Good choice! Please read!

Port Address:

Port of Miami
1015 N. America Way
Miami, FL 33132


Don’t miss the boat! We recommend that you plan ahead to be at the port by 11am. If you arrive at the port after 2:00 PM you will not make it on the cruise (and there are no refunds!).


You have two choices for parking:

Port of Miami: Convenient / Higher Prices – Pricing is $20 per night ($80) – Safe, convenient, and you can walk right up to the ship.

“Park and Cruise” Company: Lower prices – Approximately $10 per night – These companies are close to the port and will shuttle you to and from the port. We are not affiliated with any 3rd party companies, but you may Google search for “Port of Miami cruise parking” to find some options.

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