Flights and Transfers

Flight Arrivals:

We recommend that you arrive at Miami International Airport (MIA) or Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL) no later than 10:30 AM on the day of sailing. Boarding time is between 11:00 AM – 2:30 PM. If you arrive at the port after 2:30 PM you will risk not making it on the cruise. All passengers must be checked-in and on the ship by 2:30 PM.

Flight Departures:

We recommend for return flights to leave Miami International Airport (MIA) or Ft Lauderdale Airport (FLL) no earlier than 12:00 PM for peace of mind and to account for any possible delays getting to the airport. Although we will be back in Miami on Friday around 6:00 AM, the ship must be cleared by US Customs before disembarkation can begin (disembarkation will begin around 7am). You will also have to go through Customs at the port and take into account traffic and TSA lines at the airport. 

Transportation from the Airport to the Cruise Port:

Please make sure you are at the port in time when arranging transportation from MIA or FLL to the Port of Miami.

You have several choices, please see below:

1. Taxi service (or Uber, Lyft, etc…):

Miami International Airport: Approximately $20 each way.
Ft. Lauderdale Airport: Approximately $50 each way. (Rates subject to change)

We recommend Ube or Lyft as these are the cheapest, fastest, and most convenient transportation options to get to the port.

2. Shuttle Service Companies:

Super Shuttle
Go Airport Shuttle

Travel Time To/From Airports: 

Miami International Airport: 10 miles, approximately 20 minutes.
Ft. Lauderdale Airport: 25 miles, approximately 45 minutes (Travel times depending on traffic conditions)

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